Laptop some games are stuttering

My specs are: i5 8300H Gtx 1050 4gb and 8gb ram ddr4 windows version is 1803 I don't know if that important to point out but my laptop takes about 15-20 seconds to boot up while it says 2.1 bios time in start up.
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  1. Here is a video of how my stutter looks like(Not my video) yeah thats roblox but still my friend who have completly the same laptop as me he have an i7-7700 something with 16gb ram and he don't see any of this
  2. you need to unlimit the computer to 60fps. i have seen this on my pc aswell just for reference i7 4790k and gtx 980. i tried to cool my cpu a bit and not push as much stress so i limited fps to 60 and it stuttered horribly. try this and if not then post if possible
  3. Completely the same laptop as your friends? What you smokin lol?

    Try change the graphics mode to Vulkan. Ask your friend which mode they're using.

    May also help if you force roblox to use nvidia gpu in NvidiaCP.
  4. I tried all the graphics mode none of them works and yeah its happening on mostly all games im playing.
    Tried your gpu thing and haven't fixed anything.
  5. Should I try unistalling my gpu?
  6. Yeah try reinstalling drivers. Download the drivers yourself and do the clean install option. Dont let Geforce Experience install drivers or optimise any of your games. If you are, revert all games to normal and optimise them yourself. GE often sets the wrong settings, often too high but there is a quality slider (spanner icon) which you can adjust to favor performance or quality and GE will optimise according to that. This is if youre using GE.

    Enter fields and youll get a list of drivers. Top being the most recent. Remember to click custom install and check the clean install option.

    Try disable gamebar /dvr as well. How and why you should here;
  7. I mean my gpu and cpu are kinda good right I should be able to run roblox without any stuttering right
  8. Should but i also see a lot of people having problems with it.
  9. You know if I'm able to run r6s with overall High settings with my current setup without any huge fps drop

    Specs should do ok. Its software / heat that can change results. Keep laptop well ventilated and don't have too many applications going at once.
  11. After doing some benchmark on the internet it showed this
  12. Seems to be ok. Could buy another 8gb sodim and benefit dual channel memory speeds too. Would help.
  13. Yeah thats what I did, might try to build up my own pc in some months but now I'll stick up with this laptop
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