sound not going to all speakers

got a Logitech 5.1 speaker setup. using the Realtek sound and also soundblaster z.
what happens is the speakers will test fine. I get sound from every speaker and the subwoofer.
but when I went online to play a song or I listened to youtube comedy segments, I only get the front speakers. the rear speakers, center speaker do not produce sound. its driving me batty.
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  1. Generally most videos or songs on YouTube are recorded in stereo.

    Search youtube 5.1 test and try those.

    Can you switch your speakers to 5.1 stereo?
  2. Actually scrap that idea, no tests are properly sounding 5.1 for me. Only way i get rears to work is if i have speaker fill on in Realtek but that defeats the purpose because the rears play everything like if set to stereo just volume is quite low.

    Youtube doesn't support 5.1, not yet anyway.
  3. I can't confirm or test any of this but someone implied FIREFOX could do it somehow?

    As per above "FILL" would be the only option no matter what unless the video had more than stereo AND that was all supported in software.

    I used to have a Logitech 4.1 setup that had a physical button that would toggle between SURROUND and using both the Front and Rear as stereo so both the front left and rear left would play the same thing.

    So in that case I'd just press the button as needed but I gave up because I didn't enjoy stereo in that fashion.

    None of this might help.
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