Black Friday deals for VPN/Security products 2018

Hi all..

I am looking for some major Black Friday Discounts on the aforementioned products. I usually purchase security products around this time of the year because of mega discounts and all. But unfortunately I haven't got any good deal yet except for one. I am actively searching for vpn deals and security products. I am currently using Eset protection and the sub will end in a week. I have been very content with the quality of the service. Thinking of renewing it but it will cost me good amount if I do it manually directly from Eset website.

Same goes for a VPN. Currently have Nord and Cyberghost. All expiring on the last day of this month.
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  1. I mean, they don't normally do sales because their cost is usually low anyway, but Private Internet Access is like $3 a month. One account does multiple devices including phones.
  2. I have and use PIA, for added anonymity you can pay with a gift card.
  3. R_1 said:
    I have and use PIA, for added anonymity you can pay with a gift card.

    Gift card? How can I get it?
  4. go buy an amazon/walmart, or other gift card from the convenience store for whatever value you want.
    create a temporary e-mail address somewhere for true anonymity and use it for the transaction. go to PIA and they will accept the gift card as payment, they will e-mail the credentials and length of time to you purchased.
  5. You need to wait till the day, don't be hasty. Try buying PureVPN this time they have ozone and gravity security features as a plus, never had to test it but it's good have them there.
  6. NordVPN also offering some good discount on this season with a [url= discount on the monthly pricing for a 3-year plan. This lowers the pricing from $430 all the way to $108.55.
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