Adding a secondary SSD to Acer Nitro 5?

I have the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51 which is the model that comes with the 250 GB SSD. Can I add a secondary SSD? Does the Nitro 5 have more than one M.2 slot, or does the existing SSD take up the M.2 space? If I cannot add an SSD, can I add an HDD instead?

My model has the i5-7300HQ, 8GB RAM, and a GTX 1050. I'm not looking to migrate my OS but to install more games on the secondary SSD and use the first one for various other tasks, if possible.
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  1. I believe there's likely a single PCIe M.2 slot for the 250GB SSD it has.

    There may or may not be a 2.5" slot. I don't know if it varies between models but you can physically check using this video:

    If it supports 2.5" drives that might be limited to 7mm height.

    I found THIS confusing:
    "If I cannot add an SSD, can I add an HDD instead?"

    You can only add an HDD if there's a 2.5" bay. However if that exists you can add a 2.5" SSD instead.

    If you can add a 2.5" HDD then you should then format it (NTSC) and just make a "STEAM" folder on it. If you don't know you can do this from within Steam and when it's time to INSTALL a new game you can just choose which folder (on C: or on E:) to install it to.

    You can also MOVE games between folders. So you may have a game that works best on SSD due to frequent loads (like SKYRIM) but to save space move games that don't benefit much to the HDD. Though note that MODS are likely broken if you move a game like this.

    Game moves don't affect saves.
  2. Other: I suggest you use a tool like Acronis True Image to make a backup of C-drive at least once. Preferably automate that to a weekly solution but you might want a 2TB HDD for that.

    They do exist:
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