What is the best gaming chair?

Which gaming chair is better?
I want to buy on black friday
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  1. the best gaming chair is the one that feels best to you.
    you will be in contact with the chair more than any other part of the PC. constant contact. go out and plant yourself in as many as you can. find out what is best for you.
    little things like the arms being too high or too low will make the chair sub-optimal.

    the best gaming chair is the chair that lets you game comfortably, be that a big yoga ball, or a la-z-boy.
    I cannot tell you what is comfy for you.
  2. That's why I asked what good gaming chairs, I do not understand this ..
  3. I'm a big guy (6'5" 260lb) ask me and the answer the Broyhill leather chair from walmart.
    its a personal decision hence my rambles above. IDK your size. it may be too big for you, may be too small, may be too low, but that is my chair. basic big and not designed for gaming.

    you can take the word of a stranger on the net or you can listen to your butt, your knees, your back and your neck. which do you think know you best?
    I cannot tell you which pair of shoes in your closet is the most comfy, but your feet can.
  4. The cheapest one you can comfortably stand so you can put as much money into your machine as possible.
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