Received​ my RTX​ 2080 TI card from Geforce​ Giveaway, Should I worry?

GeForce hosted a giveaway on their channel on 10 RTX 2080 TI cards, and I was one of the winners. the thing is I just received my card a couple of days ago and I did not use it till now as I am waiting for the other pc parts to arrive, however after the "Dying RTX 2080 cards" I'm worried that mine would be faulty and that I won't be able to replace it! It said on the rules that they do not grant any kind of warranty on the cards that were given away, does RMA count as that too? and would you think that if the card was faulty they will be able to replace it? like shouldn't the giveaway include non-faulty items as it will harm their reputation to the people if you know what I mean? anyways thank you for your time any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Exactly as it says, you cannot RMA it because it has no warranty. Even it is faulty or not you cannot do anything even if you test it now or later.
  2. Yep.
    The term "RMA" just means "Return Merchandise Authorization" or in other words the first step in the process by which you return a warranted product.

    If the product is not under warranty there's no point (and no way) to even initiate an RMA.
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    Did you initially plan on purchasing a card and put that on hold once you won this one? If it were me, I'd roll with it. If it dies, it dies. It's not like you shelled out the money for it. And for all the reading I've done on the dying issue, I don't think it's anywhere near epidemic level, so realistically you have probably an 85+% that it'll work just fine. Just run it at stock speeds for the time being, let it break in and see how it goes.
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