Upgrading my current build.

I want to know what to upgrade next in my build for better performance during games like rust, pubg. And also to increases performance in multitasking

My current build is as followed:

AMD Ryzen 5 1600

8.00GB Single-Channel

ASRock AB350M (AM4)

S24D330 (1920x1080@60Hz)
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (NVIDIA)

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  1. GPU, SSD and RAM.
    Go for GTX1060 6GB or higher (max GTX1080 or 2070 for 1080p 60Hz to not wasting money) plus get the RAM to 16GB plus get an SSD with at least 250GB.
    If possible all 3!
  2. Agreed with the above, all except the SSD, yes they are super nice to have, but they will not impact the actual gaming performance one bit aside from load times as long as you have enough RAM, which should be 16Gb for a gaming PC.

    And Speaking of RAM, using single channel with Ryzen does have a decent performance hit, get to 16GB in dual channel with the fastest (3000 and up with 3200 being the best price to performance sweet spot) RAM you can afford
  3. SSD has no impact on gaming, well except for loading time on games like Skyrim, etc.
    There is not a single FPS gain.

    Having an SSD will give your PC the biggest speed boost in term of the system reaction.
    Booting will be a lot faster, starting apps will be a lot faster, etc.
    It is optional but you will never want a PC/laptop without an SSD anymore.
  4. Yeah there were the upgrades i was thinking thanks, my mobo only has two ram slots so it will be 2 8gb sticks i was looking and i think i can go for a asus dual 1070 and a 1tb ssd.
  5. My ram speed atm is 2400mhz do i try and get all 3 ssd, 2 new ram sticks at 3000mhz or above and a gpu or focus on gpu and ram?
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