400w psu enough for gtx 1050?

I purchased hp z220 cmt workstation pc and it has following specs

8gb ram
1tb hdd
I sometimes want to game on it and thought about adding a gtx 1050 or 1050ti but not sure if my psu is capable of it

It's a delta electronics or something psu and its output is 400w it has 1 6pin connector

Will it work perfectly with gtx 1050(ti) ?
Or is there any way i can upgrade that psu and i saw that my mobo needs 18 pin power connector to it so suggest me any good 18pin psu if there is any

I don't have too much knowledge about computer hardwares so pardon me.

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Yes it will be enough. Delta Power supplies are usually of decent quality(they're usually found in Dell OEM systems).

    You won't need any auxiliary power connector to plug into a GTX 1050/1050 ti... it takes all the power needed from the slot.

    A GTX 1050/1050ti will consume only 75W max, so you'll be fine upgrading to one of them.
    18A on one of the 12V rails means a max power output of 216W for your GPU.

    UPDATE: Looks like your Delta Dps-400ab-13A also has a 6 pin power connector. So an upgrade to a GTX 1060 3GB/6GB is possible.... that would really transform that workstation into a nice 1080p high/ultra gaming system.
  2. I'll help you out with it and the simple question is: Yes, you will be fine.

    I have a
    AMD A10-6700 APU CPU
    8GB DDR3 1600MHZ 2x4
    2TB HDD
    1TB HDD
    (coming soon even an 120GB SSD)
    A DVD Player
    And the only thing after that needs power is the power light switch

    everything is running on a 350 Watt PSU

    So if i can run this with a 350W PSU, you can run that 400W PSU with ease

    I hope this helped you out ;)
  3. gtx1050ti would be a much better choice as it has 4GB of VRAM instead of 2GB
    (update: that price difference may not make it a "much better choice" so if you know 2GB is fine then the price won't justify the small performance difference... I'd probably get an RX-560 4GB for a budget build at current prices though)

    GTX1050 (2GB) is $110USD (after $20 rebate...aargh)

    GTX1050Ti (4GB) starts around $155USD after rebate which seems expensive to me because a GTX1060 3GB (not 6GB) model starts around $170 after rebate

    RX-560 14CU (4GB) (not 16CU version) can be had for about $85 after rebate, it gets about the same performance as a GTX1050 though the GTX1050 would stutter if a game needed more than 2GB.... the card I link below doesn't even need extra power from a PSU cable thus probably uses roughly 60W or so

    also, should you ever want a bigger PSU and same motherboard, which is unlikely, you can get an adapter and buy a regular ATX PSU instead which is probably a better choice to transfer to a later build or the price might be much better.
  4. How long do you think this psu will keep up with gtx 1050ti?
  5. Best answer
    It will work fine... it's a decent quality unit.
    There's no reason for the PSU to fail with the card.
    The GTX 1050ti is a very efficient card(consumes only 60-65W stock, 75W max when OCed)... Your Delta power supply has plenty of power for it.
  6. Thank you ChumP and others for your time. Now i can purchase gtx 1050ti without any worries.
  7. Glad to help!
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