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I just bought a new computer, haven't even googled anything on it yet. I when through the setup and got to the home screen, typed dxdiag to check the spec's and closed the window and hard powered it off. I think something was running in the backround.Now I'm stuck in a loop, none of the troubleshooting options work not even factory reset. The cmd factory reset (systemreset -factoryreset) does not work either is there any other way?
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    So I wonder if win 10 is activated. Do you have a win 10 licence key?

    2 options - take PC to shop that you bought it off, its undoubtedly covered by a warranty and it sounds like you only had it a few days. Ask for a new one or ask them to fix it. Running dxdiag shouldn't cause it to boot loop, as shouldn't turning PC off. Only thing it should have been doing in background is downloading updates and once again, none of those should cause this.

    Or you can reinstall win 10 and hope its not a hardware problem.

    on another PC, download the Windows 10 media creation tool and use it to make a win 10 installer on USB

    change boot order in BIOS so USB is first, hdd second
    boot from installer
    follow this guide:

    enter the license key you have at screen where it asks for the key. If it doesn't let you, click the option "I don't have a key" and PC will continue to install win 10. Once we get to desktop we will find out if it activated before or not. It may have on last install. Hard to say.

    If it doesn't activate, you can always contact Microsoft and explain what you did and they may activate it for you.
  2. well, i clean installed win 10 3 weeks ago and on that day I received 104 updates via windows store and windows update, so while Win 10 had installed a base version, it sort of depends what version of win 10 is on the hardware as to how many updates it installs. There is a new versions of win 10 released every 6 months as a free update, so PC might have been on an older version and could have been downloading version updates.

    When you say Hard shutdown, what do you mean? the power options in windows start menu or a button on PC?
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