New build shorting

So I put together my new build and it won't turn on, just causes a short. The mobo lights up though so that's something huh? :) I'm afraid I have broken something already, please please help me?

Included in the build:

550w PSU (Coolermaster from 2011 or so, not been used for a long time but should be working)
ASUS z370p
i5 8600k
Corsair Venegance 8gb DDR4
Drives and the case are also old, from 2012.

Everythings plugged in (8pin and all), I've checked the front panel connectors like a thousand times, mobo standoffs are from the old build but they match the 9 holes in the mobo so i guess it should be just fine.

What can I do? Thank you so much for your help, it's largely appreciated!
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  1. This could possibly be the RAM or the processor not seated properly.
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