Need help upgrading pc

Currently I have an old gaming desktop running :

I5 2500k @stock
Nvidia gts 250 512mb
8gb ddr3
128gb SSD (for OS only)
500gb HDD

I can play diablo 3 which was the main game I used to play and Starcraft just fine. I know the GTS 250 is way outdated I haven’t been into pc gaming in years. I was looking to pick up a GTX 1060 6gb and a Hyper212 EVO cpu cooler in Black Friday. Wondering if I do this will it sufficiently run the new fallout / assassins creed at max settings in 1080p? Or what are some other options / best bang for the buck.

Others have told me to oveclock my cpu and upgrade the cooler but I don’t know how to do that or if it’s even necessary? I don’t plan to go above 1080p /60 hz on a 27” monitor


I am using a 600w power supply and my motherboard DOES support over clocking I jsut don’t know how to do it. So basically I can get a 1050ti and not mess with the cpu or overclock my cpu with a 1060 for best performance to run 1080p at max settings. I think I’ll go with a 1060. Any need for more than 8gb ddr3 Ram? I know ddr4 is out but my mobo doesn’t support it.

I was thinking of putting a little more cash and getting an i5 8400 / 16gb ddr 4 and a new mobo but at 1080p would it even really be much better than my 2500k overclockednwith a 1060?

Is this the rx 580 you’re referring to? It’s also cheaper than the gtx 1060
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    A GTX 1060 6 GB should do high/ultra 60 fps on the majority of the games at 1080p. You should consider the RX 580 too since it's a little bit faster than the 1060.

    What power supply do you currently have?

    If your motherboard allows overclocking you should be able to get that 2500K to 4.5 GHz with the Hyper 212 EVO. Leaving the 2500K at stock will bottleneck the card quite a bit, but overclocked the GPU starts to become the limiting factor.
  2. i5-2500K regard it's it's age is still very good performing CPU, especially if you overclocking. It was Intel's last soldered before the latest cpu so you don't have to delid it to get good overclocking result. You don't have to go hardcore with the overclocking. I would say something around 4.2 - 4.4 GHz would be nice on an aircooler like Hyper212 evo.

    I still use i7-2600K which is basically the same cpu just with hyperthreading along with GTX 1070 and I'm happily playing games on high/ultra at 1440p.
    As for the GPU, it all depends on the best deal you can get. GTX 1060 6 GB is good option but consider RX 580 or the upcoming RX 590 (if the prices will be good)
  3. Definitely the gfx card is the priority. If not planning to take the gfx card to a new system in the next year or two, I would go for a 1050 Ti, as your system won't get the most out of a 1060. Further more, the 1050 Ti gets all its power from the PCIe slot, with no need for additional connectors.

    It's still pretty a pretty good upgrade though -
  4. I agree with the above ^ I tried a gtx 980 which is roughly the same give or take in performance as the 1060 and the CPU was limiting the GPU.
  5. I have a 600w power supply
  6. Ttesar06 said:
    I have a 600w power supply

    Model and make of the PSU?
  7. I have no idea just know it’s 600w
    Question from Ttesar06 : "need help upgrading pc"

    currently I have:

    Nvidia GTS 250
    8gb ddr 3

    i was looking at video cards online i found a brand new 1070 on ebay for $330.
    originally i was looking at some 1060s which are bout 249 with some of the black friday deals coming up or i can get get this RX 580 for $169.99. why is the RX 580 so cheap? i was told its pretty much comparable to the 1060? i just want to play modern games @ 1080p with high graphics. I just need to know whats my best bang for the buck. i dont need overkill and have no plans to go any higher than 1080 with a 24" monitor. thanks.

    RX 580 on new egg

    GTX 1060 / RX 580 Black friday deals

    GTX 1070 on ebay says brand new
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