8700K and Z370 Asus Pro - whea logger 19 on idle


Windows 10 1803 actually.

A spam of:

WHEA Event ID 19 CPU-corrected hw error

A corrected hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core

Error Source: Corrected Machine Check

Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error

Happens only on idle. Clocks are jumping and voltages are jumping too on idle, but its normal i think. During games,benchmrks no whea loggers.

My pc:

8700K ( MCE is on )


Corsair 750rmi

Asus Z370 Pro Gaming ( bios old from august 2017 )

Gtx 2080 Ti Gigabyte Windforce ( actually ). On january i had Aorus 1080 ti.

1xssd , 1xHdd

Conclusion: It happened again repeatedly after plugging Gigabyte Windforce 2080 ti . That whea-logger 19 cache hierarchy error ( warning ). Windows 1803 the newest build ( KB ).

Each warning 1 minute only on desktop/idle. When gaming or full load , not warnings.

Also pc stable,no errors,crashing. Any ideas?
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  1. Number 1, I would definitely update the BIOS on the Asus Z370 if there is a newer one...Other than that I am at a loss and hopefully better people than me here on Tom;s can jump in..

    One thing, was this a fresh Windows 10 Pro install?
  2. Nah :) it was old :)
  3. try running on the intel graphics.
  4. litwicki23 said:
    Nah :) it was old :)

    If it was an old install then I would definitely re-install Windows as that is probably the issue.
  5. hey little update. I change power plan to high performance ( 4700mhz clock on idle and voltage 1.4 core voltage according to cpuz ) and the same whea logger 19 every minute on log. So then i change to power saver to lock on 800mhz - 1200mhz with low voltage and the same logs. Only on idle it happens.

    During games or cinebench no wheas ( even with 4700mhz and voltage ). So i am lost now. So if this is not voltage so what?
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