BF 1 Low CPU and GPU usage gtx 1080

asus z170 pro gaming, i7 6700(non k), 16gb dd4 2133mhz dual channel, gigabyte gtx 1080 windforce oc, evga g2 750w, 1080p 144hz monitor, newest drivers, win 10 fully updated, monitoring with afterburner
gpu temp 67-70, cpu 55-60

playing bf1 CQ 64p maps, I get 100fps average, 1080p ultra res scale 110%, cpu usage 70-80%, gpu 60-80, the more the gpu has to render ( looking towards whole map ), the more the usage drops ( and fps too ), the less to render ( looking to the ground ) the more usage rises and fps rises too
funny thing is, if I use lowest settings, the gpu usage drops to 30-40%, but fps stay 120-144 pretty much
In superposition, I get 99-100% usage without problems, scoring +-4400 ( can go higher with max stable overclock and 100% fan speed, but I bought the card for gaming, not for benchmarking )
at some places i get fps drops to 85-90s, which sucks, i would like to see constant 105-110++
I hope bf5 runs better, but I doubt it, since it is same frostbite engin
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  1. i would honestly DDU your video Drivers and then install the most recent ones throught Geforce Experience.
  2. done, no change
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    Hi Bux,

    I had the same "issue".

    The 1080 will give you more stable FPS playing at 1440p (with DSR) instead of 1080p.

    In my case, at 1080p i had 110FPS with stuttering all over the place (i5 8600k 5GHz at 100%) and at 1440p I have smooth 110FPS with CPU at 80%.

    Try it and let me know.

  4. well, 134% resolution scale + high or ultra , on high settings I think I get slightly higher average fps, but I get fps drop spikes more often, cause of cpu hitting 100% usage, on ultra runs fine, 100fps average I would say, cpu usage +-90%, gpu usage 80-95%
    Unfortunately for me, I have no gsync, so I need 100+ fps constant for smooth gameplay, I dont see difference between 100 and 144, but I can see when I get below 100
    I feel that for my pc, the sweet spot is somewhere between 120-130 resolution scale + ultra settings
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