Pioneer TV does not connect to laptop

My pioneer TV model is PDP-504HDE, an relatively old model. It has a receiver with an hdmi input and I have been trying to connect it with my laptop but it doesn’t work! Do you have any suggestions? Your help would be very helpful

thank you
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  1. Did that TV HDMI port EVER worked? Have u hooked up anything else to it, a game console? a BR player? Old TV maybe restricted to 720 only and you are trying to shove 1080 to it?

    Do you have to hit a key combo on the laptop to enable external video?
  2. If the screen resolution of the laptop is greater than 1280 x 768 then you won't get a picture. Set the TV as a 2nd display and set it to output in that resolution (1280x720 will work too.)
    The order you boot the laptop and select the input on the TV that it's connected affects the way they "handshake" so try the reverse order. Don't be surprised if occasionally you have to change the order. HDMI does some weird stuff.
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