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So about a month ago, me and my cousin (he chose the parts) built a gaming pc with an i7 7700 and a 1050 ti as the video card for about 60k php, which is about 1200 dollars I guess.

Anyway, I just feel that my money wasn't worth the video card because I saw other builds online with the same price as mine that had a 1070/1080 as their video card. Now I'm aware that in my country, its much more expensive than the states but it just doesnt feel right. Would it be better for me to sell my cpu and video card get an i5 and a 1060 or should I just stick with what I have now? Thanks in advance.
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  1. yeah, to me a Ryzen 5 or I5 build with 1060/580 is better for gaming. Depending on how much loss you will take to sell your I7 and 1050ti, you may just save some money and sell 1050 ti to trade for better gpu in the future.
  2. If it was built a month ago a better setup would of been the Ryzen 2600/RX 580 or GTX 1060 6gb but oh well. Typically you want to spend double the price of your CPU on your GPU for a balanced build. That being said I would keep your 7700 as it's still a excellent CPU and save up, the RX 590 should be coming out and will outperform both the RX 580 and GTX 1060 6gb.
  3. Why would your cousin build a computer a month ago and use the 7700 and 1050Ti is the real question. Not that the i7-7700 is not a good chip, it's just old. He could have gotten the 8700 and 1060 6GB or RX580.
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