My ryzen 7 2700X is overheating after installation

Hi! I Just installed a New ryzen 7 2700X on a X470 aorus ultra gaming Motherboard. Right after updating the bios to the Best succesfully, the processor starter to go 118 degrees celcius. Total overheating. I think the fan works too slow what do you think
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  1. It can't go to 118C. Are you sure it's not 118F? When a processor gets to around 100C, it shuts down or down clocks hard so it physically impossible for it to get to 118C.
  2. Are you sure its in C not F? as yea it would melt at that temp lol.. or the sensor is whacked... and yea if the CPU package was actually that hot it would turn off the computer before getting that hot to prevent it from a nuclear meltdown :)
  3. Tried with fan at full speed and it stills overheats, also vérified the fan is installed properly
  4. Still celcius
  5. when it "overheats" does it shutdown?

    IF it is not turning off then its not overheating.. it's something else then or you have some faulty board or CPU..

    one question did you use the thermal paste the stock heat sink came with or did you add other stuff?

    Another thing is IF you replaced the CPU paste did you do it correctly (no air bubbles, how did you apply it as it matters, etc.), also, what about did you install the CPU cooler then take it off then put it back on? IF you did put it on then remove it you NEED to reapply the cpu paste or it will cause issues. Just for reference this is what I always use (gelid gc-extreme) and it works great. I though never use the spreader.. I just put a pea sized ( well smaller then a pea but a round ball of it) in the middle of the CPU and put the cooler on top of that. I have tried spreading thermal paste and such and never got good results that way as you always add a few air gaps between the CPU and the heat sink. Then then acts like a blanket (the air gaps).. other pastes I have used in the past were the artic silver 5 or something like that but I found that I had to reapply the junk about once a year as the stuff did not last.. (clean it up first then reapply.. don't add new to old stuff).

    Edit: what is showing the over 100C temps? as some programs don't report correctly. and are you stock settings or Overclocking that thing to death :)
  6. also the 2700X (TCTL temps are 10C higher then actual temps to let their coolers work better etc..)

    IF you can get into windows on that computer check the temps with an different program and see what the temps are in that.. like I thing

    would be an ideal one. (bottom of that page the right Download now button)
  7. The speccy was lying to me, other program got it fine
  8. :) nice
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