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So a few days ago my laptop broke, so I wanted to take it's HD and plug it into another laptop via USB.
Upon booting into the HD, the laptop encounters a Blue screen and restarts itself.
After a small bit of research I understand that the OS is not config to the new laptop's hardware.
My question is, can I boot up from the HD like it was turning on the old laptop again with all the programs and settings?
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  1. Your first problem is the connection with USB,your installed windows is configured for SATA and this is a very important driver.
    Try and remove the drive of the other laptop and connect your hdd to the sata interface.
    Your Windows will probably still blue scren because of all the other drivers...
  2. I would suggest you boot the laptop as normal, then connect the hard drive via USB and see if it shows up as an accessible folder, then access the data from there.
  3. You won't be able to boot in to the Windows which is from a different laptop --- the only thing you'll be able to do is boot from the second laptop's internal HDD as normal, then plug the external HDD in to a USB port to see if any data can be salvaged from it ---- don't try to boot from it as that won't work.
  4. There's actually some way to make it work, woth those limitations:
    1:you're going to have the drive formatted.
    2:you will also format the drive in the new pc. (not necessary but you'll have to plug it out and solve the boot conflict later on
    3:You have another hard-drive that has empty size at least as much as the file size on the hdd you have.
    4:you are willing to pay 70 dollars for a software.

    Then Macrium Reflect Home Edition (includes Redeploy which we can use) will do then. Use the USB port to wire the old one. Image it using that drive. Create a rescue disk. Unscrew the new disk. Plug the old disk with SATA. Restore the image in the old drive. Boot. It won't work so return to recovery. Run Redeploy and let it replace the drivers to the new setup.
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