Question for Pc building. First time >__<

Hi iam planning to build a pc .
is this set up okay or not?

Ryzen 5 2600 / Aorus B450 and Amd Rx 580.

as for Ram i have Corsair Dominator 3200ghz 2pc 8gb , Pcie NVMe M.2 SSD Kingston 240gb and another SSD. the rest is purchased i am just checking if Its a good idea for Cpu Mobo and VC above to buy or if not can you recommend some.

BTW its better to use Freesync Monitor or Just a normal monitor? thanks
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    I am afraid 2600G doesn't exist. Is it 2400G or 2600?

    RAM is good. Get a better NVMe something like the Samsung 970 or Gammix S11. If running tight on budget, just get a decent 2.5" SSD.
    The Rx580 is fine but, there is good chance that next gen GPUs will come very soon. Your call, get the cheapest rx 580 available or just get a used card.

    Freesync is much much better than normal monitor.
  2. oh i am sorry its 2600 hehe
  3. Thank you very much 😊
  4. carlosjosephmariano said:
    oh i am sorry its 2600 hehe

    Good choice, the 2600 is a very good processor.
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