New gpu on intel b75 chipset

My 650ti recently got totalled. Now i want to upgrade my gfx. But i also figured out that all my h/w has become retro as well.
I thought of upgrading everything but then the alarming dollar to India rupee value broke all my dreams :'(
Now I've resorted to just buying a new gfx which can carry me for some more time (let's say 2 years)

Here are my specs
Mb - asus p8b75-mlx ( LGA 1155 socket )
Cpu - intel i3 3220
Ram - corsair ddr3 8gb
Psu - corsair 450 watt
Gpu - 650ti (dead -_-' )

I usually played dota2 and cs:go
Tried pubg but the cpu couldn't take it

Can you please suggest which gfx can i purchase and also which cpu can i pair with this board which can let me play some new titles with at least low-medium settings
( I believe i cannot go beyond 3rd gen because of this chipset, correct me if I'm wrong )
Thanks in advance
Much love from india
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  1. That i3 is pretty weak, you can give a whole new life to your PC and a great lifespan if you upgrade to a i7 3770k, and then it will be able to handle powerful cards as long as you don't expect to get 144FPS in high CPU demanding games. If you are going for 60FPS/75FPS the 3770k has a lot of years of life ahead.
  2. Thank you @phazoner
    Really appreciate your Swift response.
    Can you suggest any i5 also which can compensate my needs ?
  3. Any 3rd gen i5 (i5-3xxx) will be a huge improvement and capable of handling cards like the GTX 1050Ti.
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