Audio delay with Pioneer VSX-532 AVR. Having delay issues with TV as well!

It all started with my Roku TV back in November. After the latest firmware update, everything had an audio delay except for the built-in speakers. It was between 100-200ms depending on whether or not I set it to PCM or Dolby/DTS.

I had briefly tried a cheap Denon AVR (540BT) and there was zero delay whatsoever. But I didn’t have a proper speaker setup and ended up returning it. Now, I have decent speakers but the Denon wasn’t on sale anymore. So I was able to get a Pioneer VSX-532 for quite a bit cheaper (refurbished).

I got it all set up today and once I started watching anything, I could see the lips out of sync. I ran the audio sync test video on YouTube that I always use and, sure enough, there’s a delay of as much as 100ms. I just don’t understand. This happens with optical or HDMI ARC. Same exact delay. What could this be? Is there any way to fix it? Is it because of my TV?
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    Question from malrats : "Audio/video lag on TCL 55S401 Roku TV with all external sources. I don’t get it!"

    malrats said:
    I’ve been having this issue for about a week now. I had a Vizio soundbar for 5 years and it just lost power suddenly and died. Gone forever.

    So I replaced it one after another with what is now at a count of 5 sound bars across 4 brands. Samsung, Vizio, Yamaha, and now LG. All of them, whether connected via HDMI-ARC or Optical, whether the TV is set to PCM or Dolby Digital or DTS, and whether I connect the sound bars directly to the devices (the TV for the built-in apps on Roku, Xbox One X, etc) there is ALWAYS a lag. It starts off relatively small and then as I leave the channel/app/whatevs playing, it becomes quite significant.

    I can always tell that it’s happening because if I turn the TV speakers on, there becomes a very clear echo. The video seems to come first with the audio delayed. The TV speakers seem to play before the external source will. My TV doesn’t have any sort of delay adjustment and any AV delay adjustment that sound bars have had are all to just ADD +10-300ms delay to the audio, which makes it even worse.

    Does anyone have any idea of what’s going on here? Is there anything at all left that I can do, or do I just have to waste money on a new TV without Roku and hope that it also doesn’t have the issue? :(
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