GPU won't display sometimes

I recently bought a new GPU after the old one broke down but ran into some problems. Namely GPU won't display someyimes even after power cycling.

Here's what has already been done:
Checked all cables
Checked monitors
Power cycling
Cleaned the PCI slot
Clean install of drivers whenever the GPU displays
No temperature issues
Tried 2nd PCI slot

Previously when it has happened, I have just waited for a day or two and it starts working again with no problems

GPU: AMD Radeon RX570
PSU: KCAS-700W bronze certified
No onboard graphics
DVI connection to monitors

Can't remember my CPU and motherboard models and can't check them because GPU won't display.
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  1. well how much did this KCAS-700W bronze certified cost ££ what motherboard are you using ?? is the bios on the motherboard on the latest release what OS are you running
  2. I'm using Windows 10
    Using a Gigabyte motherboard, but can't check the model because no stickers and GPU won't display
    Updated everything including BIOS when I formated my PC
    If I recall correctly then the PSU was around 70-80€
  3. not sure really sorry
  4. I reset my BIOS manually and restored the default settings and it seems to work fine now.
    I suspect the problem was about overclocking.
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