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I am upgrading my PC. I am using MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon, AMD Ryzen 7 2700x, AMD Radeon RX 590. I would like to ask what PSU is suitable for the above components. I might not use OC too much, though sometimes do. But my concern is that what if I only get one 4+4 CPU pin from my PSU, can I still run my PC properly? Also, which PSU model can perform well, for example, can Cooler Master V750 work well?
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    You only need a 4+4 pin atx 12v really, the other socket is kind of a showy thing more than anything practical.

    The v750 is a decentish psu, you really only need 650w max though & there are better quality psu's out there for similar or less money.
  2. you got tdp of 225 w on the Graphics card and 105 w on the cpu, add other Components and your between 350-400 w under load. 600 w + psu of good quality should do it. I recommend evga or coolermaster 85 +

    evga White 600w is good quality
  3. The evga white would never be considered good quality.
  4. you sure? it has 98 percent good Reviews at least where i come from. i Think its decent

    this is the 500 w rating out of 2589 Reviews on amazon

    since he allready spent that much Money maybe he should get a gold certified psu though.

    EVGA SuperNOVA G2 650W scores very high in tests
  5. Have a look through this list to give you an idea of what PSU to get. With your components I would say you want to be aiming for tier B minimum.

    Cooler Master V750 is fine, but maybe a bit OTT power-wise unless you were planning on upgrading your GPU to a Vega 64 or 3rd party RTX 2080ti.
  6. Thank you very much. It does help me al lot.
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