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So as my title says , my csgo loads very slowly , from 4mins ( fastest) to 10mins( slowest) its just random but mostly it loads more than 6mins average, sometimes it would just hang while loading and take forever until i force shutdown my laptop. and please don't tell.me to get an SSD because i would if i have the money.

One thing i observed is, it only affects my csgo , other games are fine.

GTX 1050
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  1. Unfortunately the game is a big piece of s... bad programming so with each patch they manage to make performance and loading times worse without improving anything. Your PC is much more than capable for that game but some of the million errors in the game programming are messing with you.

    You can verify cache integrity of the game from its properties from the Steam Library, reinstall it, defrag the hard drive, I don't know, even reinstalling the graphics card drivers.
  2. I tried all of those already but stilll no luck.
  3. I just found this in this same forum, written by Seyed22Shaheen (kudos to him):

    "Might be your HDD, try disabling prefetch and superfetch from services.msc and enable forcepreload 1 from launch options from steam, also play 2-3 causal matches with different maps before entering comp also turn off your Vsync and see if there are any external programs capping your FPS one such is Xbox DVR. I have also had same problem, with my 1st account in the same PC the load time are good but when i switch to my second account my load times increases and i connect 20 seconds left in warmup. Also try disabling multicore rendring and -Nod3d9ex in launch options...
    Update: there is a work around for this problem, simply alt tab out of game and get back into the game during "initialling world" screen."
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