Please suggest me some laptop models

Greetings! I'm planning to buy a gaming laptop in which video games of the next 3 years can be played conveniently. I'm in Bangladesh and my budget is exactly 1670 USD. Could you guys be kind enough to suggest me some suitable laptop models?
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  1. From HP there is OMEN 17’ caring 8th gen i7 UHD display 1070 nvidia

    From Acer there’s Predator with almost the same configuration except UHD, simply it comes with basic FHD display, 1060 nvidia

    Choice is up to you to make, if you considering a UHD display you should probably stick with the first one which is also what I would consider. Not only for gaming it is always good to have UHD display for everyday computing because External UHD monitors are bit expensive… so go with the one which is suit to you these are the best.
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