Shall I add more fans to my new build ?

I currently just built

I7 8700k @5.0ghz
MSI z370 gaming pro carbon
Corsair 2 X 8gb ddr4 3000mhz ram
Evga G3 850 watt psu
MSI gtx 1080
Corsair x570 case

I currently built this system and it is fully stable at 5.0ghz unusually get about 60 degrees unload while playing games like GTA v 1440p maxed out. I was wondering if I add 2 more fans to the top which configuration should I have them or push or pull. Or should I not bother because of good temps.
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  1. I wouldn't bother. 60c full load with an OC is very decent. Even adding in the other two fans, if at all, would hardly drop CPU/Mobo temps more than a degree or two. Won't do any harm though :)
  2. Are the 3 rgb fans in the front position?

    if you add any fans, i would make it as intake only as your case set up for positive pressure now and adding exhaust would only counter that.
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