Is this all compatible?

IAMD Ryzen 5 2600

MSI X470 Gaming Plus

Kingston Technology HyperX Predator Black 8GB Kit 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM XMP Desktop Memory HX432C16PB3K2/8
Are all these compatible?
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  1. They are but where are you located & what are the prices??

    In the uk at least you can get a 3000mhz 2 X 8gb kit for about 20% more than that 2 x4gb kit
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    Yes, they are.
  3. Yeah I’m just going to get 2x4 gb for now then in the summer I’m going to add another 2x4 gb. So I have a gtx 1070 so with the card and the motherboard, cpu, and ram do you think that can all be powered by a 500 watt power supply?
  4. There are no decent 500w psu's.
    All the good mainstream models are 550w.
  5. Adding another 2x4gb is not guaranteed to work. RAM should be bought in a single kit, even mixing 2 different kits of the same make and model can have issues and Ryzen does seem more susceptible.

    I am not saying it won’t work but there is a risk. You could plan to sell your 2x4gb and buy a 2x8gb.
  6. Even if it’s the same mhz and brand there is still a risk?
  7. declanhealy said:
    Even if it’s the same mhz and brand there is still a risk?

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