RX 580 with FreeSync vs. GTX 1070 vs. RTX 2060

I have a new HP 144hz 24" Freesync monitor. How much does Freesync matter. I have the money to buy a GTX 1070 or the new Founders Edition RTX 2060 but wonder if buying an AMD RX 580 is a better choice so I can use FreeSync.

I have an old GTX 680 that does not work on my new MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC motherboard, 16 GB Ram, 650w Corsair Power Supply. Just my old Radeon 4850 works.
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  1. Get the FE 2060 and run it with adaptive sync. Freesync is open source, the only step required is to have Nvidia implement the feature in their GPU drivers, which the are trying(kinda) but they don't want to loose the extra moolah coming from G-Sync monitors.

    As for the Rx580, the FE2060 will run circles around the rx 580.
    The adaptive sync is kinda the middle ground when it comes to syncing. Its not as bad as V-Sync and not as good as the freesync.

    The Rx580 cannot go beyond 60 - 80 FPS in modern games, so why bother.
  2. From the 15th of this month new NVidia drivers should allow you to use Freesync with either of those choices. I’d wait for some reviews first.
  3. If you afraid your gpu will render more frames than your monitor, just downclock it at certain speed till it match around monitor frame rates.
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