Friend is getting an old PC for free wants to upgrade it.

Friend is getting a HP Pavilion Desktop - 510-p188a and wants to upgrade the CPU to a ryzen 3 2200g as the cpu slot is the same - AM4
He also wants to upgrade the 750ti inside to a 1050ti and was also wondering if these are both plausible
we have the power supply sorted so there should be not be any wattage problems
Just unsure as the computer is 5 years old and not compatible with current parts.
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    This is what I'm seeing for CPU upgrades. No Ryzen 3 2200g.

    ...but the GPU should work.
    Processor upgrade information

    TDP: 65 W
    Socket type: AM4
    Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:


    Integrated Graphics
    AMD A12-9800 (Bristol Ridge) 3.8 GHz Quad Core

    65 W

    Radeon R7
    AMD A10-9700 (Bristol Ridge) 3.5 GHz Quad Core

    65 W

    Radeon R7
    AMD A8-9600 (Bristol Ridge) 3.1 GHz Quad Core

    65 W

    Radeon R7
  2. I am not really sure why they wouldn't list the other AM4 65W procs as being available upgrades. Also find it interesting the description of the chipset as "AMD promontory" (sp?)

    I am unsure whether I would want to take the chance, but if you were willing to try I would "think" that any of the 1xxx 65W chips MIGHT work with it.
    Even if not, you could readily change to an aftermarket motherboard in the same form factor.

    I have no hands on experience with any of the A4 socket "A" series CPU, so not sure what results you may get from an upgrade within that same group. Would probably take a look at benchmarks and see how significant they are before spending monies toward them.

    As a side note, the release date of the proc within that computer was 2017, and 2016 for the model itself. It can't be as old as 5 years unless you have mistaken with the model number.
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