Old system with 2 HDD speed problem

hey guys
i had a maxtor 160 GB ,6 month ago, i did a upgrade to toshiba 1tb HDD and put 160 GB away untile yesterday

right now i want to copy sth from 1tb to 160 one, and the speed is 5-12 mb
and i think its the old hdd problem, any idea? it use to be OK before i D.C it from my MOBO (those days , the 160 GB was my windows partition, and right now its 1tb )

SMART monitoring is 100% ok
motherboard is asus p5b.
and i know that this mobo couldnt boot WIN from toshiba, so i had to enable sth from bios setup which i cant remember (sth like adhp on the 1st page )
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  1. If those are lot of small files, you're copying, then 5-12mb/s speed is fine.

    You can try HDtune benchmark on your 160GB drive.
  2. its 2GB files
    thats the problem!
    this HDD was OK when it had windows 6 month ago, i just upgrade it for more storage....
    p.s: both are SATA
  3. Run the benchmark then. Show us the results.
  4. both HDDs work fine solo
    but if i use both, 160 GB one, fail
  5. How does it fail?
  6. as i mention in b4, write&read speed is rally low

    if i use it alone, its around 90-110
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