RX 480 Crossfire working poorly after system upgrade

Hi there everyone

As stated above, I have recently upgraded parts of my system.
Here is the upgrades I have made.

Before-> I7 6800k, Gigabyte X99 sli mobo,

Now-> Threadripper 1920X, Asus X399 Prime A

Just from these two changes alone, I have gone from decent/good crossfire performance with minimal stutter, to bad crossfire performance with both cards hardly being utilised (they are very silent in game so presume they are not being utilised well) and bad stuttering. These are the only two changes I have made to my system and I am getting worst performance than with the intel system. If anything, my experience should have improved with 64 pcie lanes and 16x being delivered to both cards?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. A RX 480 can't fully populate 8x lanes anyway so no gains there and in nearly all games a 6800k would beat a first gen TR processor. Use msi afterburner to monitor cpu and GPU usage
  2. Thats just the thing you see, MSI afterburner does not show my gpu usage correctly, says it zero even with 1 card. Must be some sort of AMD glitch because the GTX 980 Ti that I still have shows accurate usage? Furthermore, the 6800k was at stock 3.4 ghz and is not meaningfully faster for gaming than a TR cpu.
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