PC failing to boot after powercut

Hi all - I built my current PC a few weeks ago and it was all working fine. However on Tuesday this week one of the trip switches in our flat flipped and we lost power. My PC turned on fine and worked without error for a whole further evening but last night I had a few random blue screens over the course of the evening (regardless of what I was doing on the PC at the time), and then this morning it refused to get past the motherboard splash screen (and I can't enter BIOS).

The blue screen error messages were "page fault in non pages area" and "irql not less or equal". When booting up, the motherboard status LEDs show for a red fault light for a split second on the CPU, then on the memory for about 5 seconds then on the VGA for about 5 seconds, then the system crashes.

I have tried to troubleshoot by clearing the CMOS, removing everything except CPU and memory (my mobo doesn't seem to have a system speaker so there were no POST noises even when it was working, meaning I can't test the CPU alone) and it still doesn't work, even when trying my two sticks of memory one by one in all slots. I don't think it is a GPU issue despite the VGA red light because when I try to use my mobo's on board graphics I still get the same issue.

I therefore think the issue either lies with the PSU, CPU, mobo or memory. A mate is bringing over some working memory tomorrow for me to test, but until then I was wondering if anyone could guide me on where the issue is likely to be. I don't want to start a warranty claim/buy expensive replacement parts until I actually have a better idea of what's wrong.

Given it was working before, the power cut is the only thing I can imagine is the cause, but it seems weird that it would have a degenerative rather than instant effect so any other bright ideas welcome.

Any advice will be massively appreciated! Thanks.

Gigabyte aorus pro WiFi z390
Intel i5 8600k
2x 8GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance
Nvidia GTX 1080
Corsair cx750m PSU (one of the older parts of the build, 5-6yrs)
Samsung SSD
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  1. I would try a different PSU first. Issues after power blackouts or spikes are usually caused by a bad PSU. A good PSU should have protected the components behind the PSU from damage so I would look at the PSU first.
  2. I have now tested both the memory and the PSU by swapping out to alternatives, meaning that the problem must lie with either the CPU or the mother board. Does anyone have further recommendations for troubleshooting which of these it is?

    Will gigabyte and intel (or even Amazon) take back the components to test and/or replace them given I have only had them a few weeks? Additionally I have realised I had a surge protector on all the components during the power cut so am now less sure that that is the cause of the issue.
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