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Yesterday something happened to my video card, I was using my PC when suddenly screen went black, so I decided to restart PC but it didn't help. after restart, monitor is not receiving signal from the GPU. I tried starting PC with onboard graphics and it worked, I also tried another graphic card on the same slot and it worked as well so it must be GPU right?
When I plug GPU in Motherboard, system don't detect it(it detects other GPUs). Lightnings still working: WINDFOCE, silent and stop signs light up all at the same time but fans don't start.
I wanted to reset Bios as advised by a friend but what's the point if Mobo detects other GPUs?
Also I thought maybe PSU don't give enough power to GPU but since other video cards worked perfectly on the same slot I think it works fine. what else can it be? I am out of options...
any help will be appreciated.

P.S. It's a bit hot card but never had any problems before.
Product Name: GV-R939XG1 GAMING-8GD
Serial No: sn152341028140
Operating System: Win 10 64-bit
Driver Ver: 18.2.3
Motherboard: ASRock z87 Killer Fatal1ty
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  1. Try the suspect GPU in another computer or two if possible.

    If the GPU fails to work there then the GPU may indeed be faulty or have failed.
  2. forgot to mention it , I tried it on another PC and same problem.
    I was hoping it was a minor issue but looks like GPU is dying or already dead? I have it for 4 years and never cleaned it. maybe cleaning it can fix the issue? but I am not an expert at this and may cause more damage than it already has...
  3. Cleaning is generally just blowing the dust off of the GPU - not much else can be done.

    If the dust covering is heavy/thick there could be overheating somewhere on the GPU.

    That much dust would probably have naturally "prompted" you to clean the GPU. Especially when moving it between computers.

    4 years old - GPU may well have reached its EOL (End of Life). Often designed into many products nowadays....
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