Batery no work Asus x542uqr

I have a laptop, exactly ASUS x542UQR. I bought a caddy HDD and I opened very careful to install that CADDY. I put the HDD inside . When I finished, my laptop don't start on the battery. Work very fine in the AC Power. What can I do ? m laptop isn't old . Is bought in July 2018
PS. At every start he don't start from first time. The led is on but after that instant restart and start second time and run perfect.
On battery don't want at all. If I disconnected the Ac power he shut down immediately.
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  1. You mentioned not being able to start the laptop on the battery.
    After you have booted, can you disconnect from the a/c and run off of the battery?
  2. No. Only in ac power Start and run. After I disconnected te Ac power instant shut down. In Windows 10 shows me the battery still have 100 % battery.
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