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I Have Zebronics 945 Motherboard. I only want to ask that can it run Core 2 Quad CPU?
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  1. Unfortunately, Zebronics does not provide a CPU Support List for it's motherboards. There's really no way of telling except by looking up the exact model number of the motherboard (looks like they made four 945 chipset motherboards) and seeing if anyone has had any success paring a Core2Quad with your specific motherboard.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Hmmm Btw thanks
  3. The closest I can think of is using a hardware monitor to determine what your motherboard model is, and using this information on the UserBenchmark site to see if it returns any hits.

    The way UserBenchmark works is it gathers hardware configuration data from people who submit their scores. If a particular motherboard was part of the configurations tested, it would also show the CPUs people used on this motherboard.
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