PC cant load into windows

My PC is unbareably slow.
Yesterday i couldnt shutdown my pc. So i pressed the power button. I had no other choice.
Today i cant even load windows. It takes about a minute to enter BIOS. So i thought id do a fresh windows install but that not gonna work cause it literally takes 10 mins to format the partition. I waited until it was done formatting. Then i started the install and waited almost 1 hour and it was still on 0% for copying windows files. So yeah im desperate.

My specs are:
B360 gaming pro carbon,
16gb G.Skill 2400mhz,
gtx 980ti.
Samsung evo 850 250gb and an m.2 ssd 970 500gb

I hope someone can help
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  1. Do you (did you) have anti virus software running when it started to slow down?
    Has it always been this slow?
    I am assuming the Motherboard maker is MSI.
  2. No it was very very fast, never had problems. It is indeed MSI btw. And i do have norton 360 but it never was a problem. It has something to do with the forced shutdown from yesterday i think
  3. Reset your BIOS by either setting the jumper on the motherboard to clear the BIOS or pull the Battery for 5 minutes and re-insert.
  4. I just took CMOS battery out for 10 mins but it didnt help. Still takes about 2 minutes to enter BIOS
  5. Try disconnecting all hard drives and see how long it takes to get into the BIOS.
  6. Sorry, went to bed. But.. i have disconnected all storage devices and it seems the m.2 where my OS was on is faulty. Im going to buy a new one as i speak. And keep u updated.
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