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Hi, I’ve recently been looking into crossfire as a cheap option to gain performance. However, my H270 board, which I bought with one RX 480 originally, only supports a PCIE config of 1x16 as listed in the Intel info page. Would the second card run off of the extra advertised x4 chipset lanes? PS: Dont go and start with “it’s a bad idea”, I want to know the answer to my question, nothing more.
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  1. Its possible, but certainly not a cheap nor effective way to gain performance. Obviously we need to know the board in question.
    Have you checked to see if your games scale with multi GPUs?
  2. If the board actually supports crossfire both cards would run at x8. That’s not a problem though.
  3. Build:
    MSI H270 Tomahawk Arctic
    MSI RX 480 X GAMING 8 GB
    16 GB RAM
    EVGA 850W Supernova G3

    Also, I explicitly stated that I didn’t want to get replies saying it’s not worth it. I already own one of these cards and a pretty good PSU, so all I need for crossfire is the actual GPU. These GPUs go for around $150 now, and two of them have been benched as sometimes outperforming the GTX 1080. My budget also doesn’t allow for a single card upgrade, as anything that beats my card breaks my budget. And yes, all of the games I plan on playing have crossfire support.

    My question remains. How is the H270 chipset capable of crossfire? How do the extra 4 PCIE lanes on the chipset work?
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    It runs crossfire in x16/x4 mode, the second card is limited to 4 PCIe lanes. They all route to the same place in the end.
    Note: Though crossfire is enabled on an x4 lane, SLI requires x8, which can somewhat give you an idea of the bandwidth you have available.

    Some benchmark is also not an indication of your system, or the games you will be playing.
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