GTX 1050TI Compatibilty

I want to buy an ASUS Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Phoenix (
The thing is i don't know if it will be compatibile with my setup: Mobo:
Asrock H81m-vg4 r.3.0
I5 4460
500w psu
Will the new gpu work? Because i already had one and it didn't work( Asus Strix GTX 1050TI 4gb)
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    Yes, it should work and so should the Asus Strix. If it does not work then there is something else going on because your board is compatible with a 1050ti. Even running PCIe 2.0 with 16 lanes should not be a problem for the 1050ti.
  2. I have returned the strix and bought the pheonix because it's smaller and has only 1 fan . Hope it will solve my problem :)
  3. The PCIE slot on your current motherboard should support that GPU without issues but when you had that Strix did you connect the PSU to it? That card requires a 6-pin connection.
  4. yeah, i did that
  5. I got the gpu and it works fine.
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