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I recently purchased a new HP laptop from Currys which I am really pleased with but I just want it a bit sharper by swapping out the 4GB of RAM for 8GB. I have no idea why but the model of laptop seems really obscure despite it being on display in Currys now so websites like crucial are not picking it up with a scan for compatible memory. The model is 14-ck0xxx - I mean what sort of model is that! Please could someone help me with finding some compatible 8GB memory for it? Also, I don't know how many memory slots are available, how do I find this out?

This is a link to the Currys website for the laptop:

Here is the information I found from HP on my laptop:

Product name: HP Laptop 14-ck0xxx
Motherboard ID: 849A
Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-7200u CPU @ 2.50GHz

Please note that Currys says the model number is HP 14-ck0517sa but this is definitely the link to it and it also definitely says 14-ck0xxx on my laptop when I look under HP info.

Thank you!!
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