Can't Boot into Windows - Keeps Booting Into BIOS Automatically

Not sure where else to put this thread but I'm in desperate need of your help! My computer won't boot into windows, and yes the SSD with the OS is showing up in BIOS.

Long story short I'm in the process of upgrading my PC with new parts. Added in new ram and a new SSD which is a clone of my old SSD (new one is just bigger). Everythings been working great so I moved on to the next upgrade, the CPU.

I had an i7 3820 in it, and bought a 4930k upgrade. I stupidly installed the new CPU without updating my BIOS first so the computer wouldn't display anything. I didn't realize that was the issue until trying a lot of tests which included removing the CMOS battery to see if I just needed to reset it for the new CPU to be recognized. Well I finally decided to reinstall the 3820 chip and the computer booted into the BIOS fine and sure enough the BIOS version wasn't compatible with the new CPU so it needed to be updated. Well I tried booting into windows now that I knew that was the problem and I can't get into Windows anymore!

The BIOS reads the SSD, it's the only drive plugged in and it says over the top of the drive in the GUI "UEFI" just like it did before these issues. The BIOS has been reset to defaults because of the CMOS battery thing I did so maybe it's a setting I'm missing?

Currently whenever I restart the computer it just boots straight into the BIOS, never attempts to get to Windows. Messing with the boot settings I can also get it to go to a black screen that just says "Reboot and select proper boot device"

AHCI mode is enabled.

The SSD is not corrupt I'm sure of it, and I don't have the OS on a separate CD or anything since it was installed 7 years ago and has been lost in that period of time. Please any help would be awesome!
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  1. Alright so I was able to get it to finally boot by disabling the fast boot and secure boot (delete the keys) while keeping CSM Boot enabled. So now that I'm in Windows, what should I do to make sure everything is fine before I update the BIOS and attempt the CPU swap again?
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