Low Profile card - Can it fit in standard ATX case

I am likely to but this graphics card. MSI GT-710-2GD3H-LP

The specs say it's a low profile design.

What exactly is a low profile design and will it fit properly in a standard ATX case? I will be buying Corsair 100R case.

Does low profile relate to height of the bracket? From the picture it looks like it's a normal height bracket with VGA, DVI & HDMI output ports.

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  1. A "low profile" card is designed to fit in shallower enclosures with shallower rear IO plates. To fit a low-profile card in a normal ATX case, you need to replace the low-profile bracket with a standard one.

    On the box picture, the card is shown with the standard bracket fitted. The low-profile bracket would lose the VGA connector.
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