Worth selling desktop for laptop?

Hi all,

With the RTX series being unveiled for laptops, I'm just blow away by their performance.
I currently have an HP Spectre (i7-7500u||940MX||16GB DDR4||512GB NVMe) as a laptop and a desktop (Ryzen 7 1700||GTX 1070||16GB DDR4||512GB NVMe + assortment of 5 over drives).

The HP Spectre was instantly a regretful purchase. It showed its age the moment I bought it, barely being able to keep up with the things I do for hobbies.
I'm a college student that is constantly moving around, given my hobbies it has become more of a hassle having a desktop computer in addition to a laptop.
I primarily use computers for 3D rendering, Live VFX, general graphic design, video editing, and the occasional video game.

Amazed with how fast the 1700 is getting lapped with recent processors generations.

I was thinking to sell my desktop for parts (been upgrading this lil guy since 2013) and put that money into either a new laptop (probably one with an RTX 2060) or invest in an egpu.

My main reasoning for this is 1) budget and 2) convenience.

I'd of course keep the peripherals for my desktop and leave those at home for the ability to dock when I don't need portability.

What are your thoughts on this?
Is it worth scrapping my desktop and investing into a laptop or getting an egpu instead of a new laptop?
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  1. I7 7500U is not even close when comparing with the R7 so do you really want to say good bye to such system in order to get an EGPU? And I think (i7-8750HK with an RTX 2060) is more worthy than having an EGPU. Not unless if you wish to carry you GPU with you Laptop each and every time… which is kind of silly. And also you can’t expect that much power if you putting that RTX with a 7th gen 4-Core i5. But to go for the portability I would rather suggest go for a new Laptop with i7 8750H which is 6-Core and also you will have RTX there.
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