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Hey putting in a motherboard today but used screws too big for spreaders now I cant get the screws out and the spreaders just keep spinning. I cant get a grasp on the spreaders from the back of the case either.. what are my options here..

The i/o shield came attached to motherboard and it's not well aligned to case but the screw holes are I just used ones too big..
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  1. What do you mean by spreaders?
  2. If the screw won't come out of the standoffs because you reamed in oversize screws, then about your only option is to work from one end to the other lifting on the board as you remove the screw/board/headers as a whole thing. You can then use pliers to hold each header and get the screws out. Replace all headers and screws with new/appropriate ones.
    The trick is to not apply too much pressure to the board when you try to flex each mount is possible to snap the board.
    Make sure everything is in position before you screw it down.
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