Cloud sync excruciatingly slow

One modern convenience that I really like is taking a picture on my phone and having it show up automagically on my computer. I used Dropbox for this for years, but when I bumped up against their storage limit I started trying other providers.

Lately, syncing a photo takes forever. In the current instance that prompted this message, I took two picture 75 minutes ago, and they're still not up in the cloud. I currently have Google Drive, Onedrive and Mega set to sync my pictures. None of them have finished, yet.

The phone is a Pixel 3 XL with stock, updated ROM. Apps are updated. Checking the websites of the cloud services, the pictures have not yet made it to the cloud.

How can I track down what is taking so long? Is it that I'm a packrat and have too many pictures in my DCIM folder? Mega is showing 1129 files in my Camera Uploads folder. Yeah, that's kind of a lot in human terms. But, methinks a modern computer should be able to deal with that pretty easily.

Drake Christensen
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