My hardrive isnt showing up on my pc

I have just installed a new hardrive on my pc and it does not show up. Is there anything I can do or do I need a replacement? I have this hardrive :
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  1. It is not detected in Disk management?
  2. I couldn't find disk management, did you mean device manager?
  3. In the search tab type disk management.
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    a sata hard disk or ssd needs two cables one from PSU the other from a SATA port which is enabled

    (sometimes some sata ports can be disabled in the bios settings or by having a M2 SSD some sata ports may be disabled)

    The disk then should show up in the bios
    If it does not show in the BIOS then either it is not connected correctly or the hard disk circuit board has failed (very unlikely)

    once windows has loaded the disk should appear in the device manager
    then go to disk management to initialise the disk eg partition & format

    you may be asked how to partition the disk as MBR (old style) or GPT (new UEFI style)

    then it will show up in My Computer & Windows Explorer

    Mike Barnes
  5. I have done this but it still does not show up on my file explorer
  6. Nevermind i just did something wrong i have got it working now
  7. Thank you :)
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