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I need advice on how many fans and what setup I should have. I have the p400s case, I’ve chosen 2x140mm in the front and the standard 120mm at the back as the exhaust. Should I add 3x120mm in the front and 2x140mm on top and have the 120mm at the back. Or should I use the tops as exhausts aswell? Would it be better to have fans on top aswell?ive spent a lot building my pc and i would rather be safe than sorry. What about adding a none stock heatsink or liquid cooling. I know the worry is noise but doesn’t the case help with that aswell

Amd Ryan 3 2200g
Xfx Radeon RX 570 RS XXX EDITION
G.Skill 8gb ram(2x4)
Phanteks p400s eclipse
Superflower 750w 80+platinum
Asus Prime B450 Plus
Mushkin 500SSD
Fractal Design 2x140mm Fractal Design Low noise case fan

Those are all my specs and I plan on upgrading my cpu and gpu down the line
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  1. If you replace front 2 with the 3, I would still have top ones as intakes as well, or at least test to see if they make any difference as 3 might be enough. You don't want too many exhaust fans as it will disturb the pressure of case and end up sucking dust into non filtered parts of case.

    I don't know much about liquid cooling, You still need air flow to keep the radiators cool
  2. I agree I don’t want that to happen won’t 3 in the front and 2 up top be to much? Only 120mm?
  3. i was hoping to find a review of case that mentions the temps around case with various fan placements, only one I can find is for P400 and it wasn't very impressive when it came to keeping things cool. I don't know what has changed with the P400S - it doesn't appear they changed much at all , main differences are silent foam and 3 speed fan controller -

    here is a similar question about the P400 -
  4. Yes I found the exact same thing too the diagram pictures of the fans. I don’t think anything is different maybe just the looks and that’s how many fans you can put in the p400s it’s either 2 top which can either be 120/140 and front you can fit 3 120 fans or 2 140’s. That is what is confusing me about the setup I’ve seen on YouTube there was a case with 4x140mm and 120mm for exhaust and I saw 5x120mm and the 120mm at the back
  5. I think the S stands for silent, your case more designed to keep things quiet instead of selling itself as high airflow. So that is why its got a solid front panel where the case has to breath through vents instead of a mesh front panel which lets fans breath easy. So you may never get amazing cooling but trade off is it will be very quiet.

    its probably a good case, I just judge every case against my own and nothing has beaten it in airflow for 8 years now. Its nice but also worrying as one day I need a new PC. Everything now is about rgb and glass sides... i prefer airflow.. Before you ask its based on same insides as this case

    If you used the top fan intakes you need to keep the filter on them.

    I think the need for extra fans depends on what temps you are getting now. More fans might disturb the airflow patterns, you don't want to blow hot air into spots it can't escape.

    the computers on videos may have completely different gear inside compared to you or be overclocked, every PC is different. There isn't a great difference between 4 x 140 & 5 x 120, probably just noise levels as 140 can spin slower for same air flow
  6. I think the S does stand for silent. What case have you got at the moment? Are you more old school like are rgb fans junk to put into the cases. Well I was suggested as the p400s comes with 120mm front and rear and just got for 2 140mm in front that’s all. But the case has lots of air filters there’s at the back by the exhaust I think 2 big ones at the top just above the 2 fan slots at the top and there’s also air filters in the front top and bottom which you can just take out and clean easily so it’s fully equipped with dust filters
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    You only want filters on intakes, as the idea is to filter air coming in but let as much air out as wants to get out, so filters on exhausts would be counter productive, you don't want to stop any dust getting out. The filter at the bottom is for the Power supply intake fan. PDF shows one at top and one at front. Those make sense for the intakes.

    I have this case but its old now and I have hopes they will release an update of it soon - Silverstone FT02

    I linked to a video in last post showing an RV02, its another case made by Silverstone with the exact same inner design, but its the gamer case, mines the more expensive version and looks better in my eyes.

  8. Your case is awesome.And solid. Everything fits perfect and it’s so compact. I’m sure they will release something soon they always do it’s just a matter of time.i totally understand what you mean now. Regarding the air flow.
  9. Another question the p400s only comes with a 120mm at the rear would a 140mm be able to fit?
  10. I've got a Thermaltake Core V31 that has a mesh front, so my case performs differently, but, I suggest running the fans at top and front as intake with a single fan at the rear.

    What I have found is the running exhaust at the top tends to steer all my front intake air to the top middle and top rear creating a dead space below the gpu and above the psu. I tried to fix that by putting an intake at the top front, no fan in top middle, and a fan at the top rear, but still that dead zone persisted.

    I'm just getting started with 3x120 front and 3x140 top and 2x120 bottom as intake and a single 120 at the rear with all the pcie brackets removed...
  11. jazgreen99 said:
    Another question the p400s only comes with a 120mm at the rear would a 140mm be able to fit?

    Can only fit a 120 on rear

    Fan mounts: 2x 140mm or 3x 120mm front, 2x 120/140mm roof, 1x 120mm rear.
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