Ryzen 5 1600x + asrock ab350

Hi guys,

Basically i orderes ryzen 5 1600x cpu and asrock ab350m-hdv mobo and i started checking online that this mobo might not support 1600x...

Im not 100% sure, but from what i found online r3.0 does support it and older revisions dont. Is that correct?

Should i wait til it comes and try it or i can cancel the delivery right away?

Also, do you reckon if they will give me a refund or exchange to a newer revision after i try it on? I bought it from amazon.

Basically what should i do in this situation haha?

Thanks in advance fam
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  1. From the motherboard's compatibility list which you should always check beforehand:


    Your CPU is not supported. This motherboard cannot supply the 95 W to the CPU. I suggest you cancel the order or return the item. Do not try it out!
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