SSD Occasionally "Missing" but is There in Device Manager With a Weird Name and an odd Capacity

Hi, I have a secondary ssd for games only. its small at 111GB but its occasionally is missing from file explorer and other stuff but can be seen as a weirdly named hardware in WIndows 10 and having a WAY smaller capacity when populated at about 10MB. it will come back after a restart but it is really annoying that it happened. can someone help me?
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  1. Can you show any screenshots?
  2. SkyNetRising said:
    Can you show any screenshots?

    I will try to get it not working I guess?? but its been running fine for the last 2 hours or so. done 5 restarts so far and only the first broke but didnt took ss because windows 10 was updating and I instinctively restarted by mistake.
  3. SkyNetRising said:
    Can you show any screenshots?

    if this is any help, the "borked" ssd is Avexir AVSSDE100ZZ - 120GB with a boot drive of Apacer AS340 120GB (I have a primary os where I actually paid for windows which is a Samsung 960Evo 256GB but it is currently being used on my work computer) the current machine it is in is:
    Gigabyte Z270 HD3 Bios revision 3.0
    I7 7700K @5.2Ghz with Cooler Master V8 GTS
    Zotac Geforce GTX 1080 AMP Extreme
    8GB DDR4 2400Mhz Crucial Ballistix Sport (a second 8GB dimm is broken, being sent for RMA) could the ram be something that broke it???
    Cooler Master Vanguard V750 750Watts Gold modular psu
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