1.4V 2600x when Idle and at all times

Hello guys

Specs : MSI b450 Tomahawk + Ryzen 2600x
The Core voltage in BIOS is set to auto and it gives me this voltage (and i reach some 90Celsius when playing). Some people in a support group told me it shouldnt be playing in 1.4
Any opinions? (If i manually set it to 1,30 or 1,37 like they told me, PC freezes. Only works with AUTO setting)
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  1. did you download b450 chipset drivers from AMD website and install? you will have the AMD power plan after that. it might be your issue, either that or your power plan is set to high performance. I could be wrong, I often am
  2. No!! I'm doing this now and I will report..

  3. Are these correct? If yes I don't think anything has changed

    Maybe these should be updated as well?
  4. Seems this setting the Windows Power Plan to "Balanced" gets me to 0,8 Volts when idle and lower temperatures...
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