Is 500w enough.

1)So currently i have a pentium g4560, a gtx 1050 ti and 8 gb ram. I wanted to upgrade my GPU to an RX 570. i have a cheap 500w chieftec PSU. I wanted to know will the psu be good enough to run my system.

2)And maybe i should spend a bit more and go for RX 580? but i saw on youtube that the fps diffrence was only about 3-5 fps for 4gb models.

3) I also wanted a new CPU. i wanted to know if i5-7400 and i5-7500 has big enough difference to pay 20 euros more. And will my 500w psu run a system with 8gb ram rx 570 and i5-7400.

Thank you :)
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  1. no you will need a new psu.. dont get a cheap brand either!!
  2. a cheap no name PSU such as your 500w chieftec PSU is not going to power your new GPU if it did could damage it why have a £300 GPU powered by a £30 Japanese rip off look at PSU tier list you need a good £100 PSU Evga g2/g3 Seasonic focus/prime about 600watt
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