What CPU should i buy.

Good Morning ,i was wondering what CPU should i buy ,i want to upgrade from i5 7400 to something can handle Gaming and streaming.

my current pc specs:

i5 7400 3.30GHz up to 3.30GHz
GTX 1060 3GB
8GB DDR4 2133MHz
MSI H110M-VH PRO motherboard
350W PSU

i want to keep everything and upgrade the CPU and the RAM i tried to do a benchmark test on userbenchmark site and went out that the RAM perfomance is really bad (bellow average in the red area) and i know that my Motherboard is not good as well so i'm confused ,i tried to stream Fortnite in 3000 bitrate and it was laggy 40 - 80 FPS and i tried to open Fortnite + streamlabs (without streaming) and it did the same performance and laggs ,i don't know where the exact problem is ,is it in the RAM? or the CPU? because in the taskmanager it shows that 100% of the CPU is used and 80% - 85% of the RAM is used.
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  1. Your CPU gets 100% usage because it's only 4 cores and 4 threads, and the best CPU you can upgrade to is a 7700k but it's still not the best for streaming as it has only 4 more threads available. If you're trying to stream a good and cheap choice of CPU would be a ryzen 2600 or 2600x, but then you'll need a new motherboard as well and even a new PSU which I recommend upgrading first to at least 500W.
  2. First thing is upgrade the psu before it fails and kills your system.

    For streaming you need a much better cpu but your only options are 6700/6700k/7700/7700k but even these are not the best but for anything better will require a new motherboard.

    Also is your RAM 1x8gb or is it 2x4gb?
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